Abstract Submission

Oral and Poster

Abstract submission should be made preferably online not later than 30 April, 2010. In exceptional cases we accept abstract submissions by mail. In order to be able to process them, abstracts by mail should arrive on 31 March, 2010 as latest.

Submission information

The abstracts should be prepared in the following format:
ABSTRACT TITLE IN CAPITAL LETTERS, and leave a blank line after this line
Name(s) of Author(s): Left Justified, the First Name and the Last (Family) Name of the Author. WHO WILL PRESENT THE PAPER should be in capital letters.
Affiliation(s) of the Author(s). In case of multiple affiliations, the number that corresponds to the proper affiliation should be shown after each name. Leave a blank line after the last affiliation.
Text of Abstract: left justified, do not indent paragraphs, single line spacing, about 200C300 (max. 360) words in English. Below the abstract leave a blank line.
Please provide the following information:

  1. Topic title
  2. Keywords (1C3)
  3. Name and coordinates of the corresponding author
  4. Type of presentation preferred (O for oral, P for poster, OP if the first preference is oral, but the poster presentation is also acceptable)
  5. Are you applying for a grant?

The requested abstract format is a Word document (.doc)
Simple fonts (Times New Roman) and 12 letter size, and left-justification are recommended.

Sample abstract is available here