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 Ahadi et al

Brief Study Earthquake Precursor with Ulf Band Geomagnetic in Indonesia as Preliminary Research Magdas-9 Bmkg-Serc in Sumatra, Indonesia


A New Geomagnetic Observatory on Tristan Da Cunha


On the influence of data sampling interval on computer-derived K indices

 Chulliat, Th¨¦bault

Application of quasi-definitive observatory data to the detection of geomagnetic jerks and the validation of IGRF-11 candidate models

 Finn, Berarducci

US Geological Survey Observatory Improvements

 Geese et al

DI3- A new Procedure for Absolute Directional Measurements


Current Results of Ultra Sensitive Geomagnetic Monitoring at Eilat Geophysical Observatory


Brief Introduction to Prevention and Reduction of Earthquake Disaster in China

 Hejda et al

On the influence of data sampling interval on computer-derived K indices

 Hegymegi et al

New Vector Magnetometer Lasin Observatory PracticeE

 Humbled, Rasson

Magnetic Valley


Relationship between strong earthquakes along Japan trench and magnetic jerks

 Iyemori et al

Importance of Broadband Seismic and Seismic and Barometric Observations at Magnetic Observatory

 Korepanov et al

Observatory magnetometer in-situ calibration.ppt

 Kotze et al

Modelling of Southern African SV

 Larry et al

Testing Potassium a Study in Errors.ppt

 Li, Gao

Local differences in great magnetic storms observed at middle and low latitudes

 Li et al

Principal component analysis of geomagnetic data associated with Panzhihua Ms 6.1 earthquake

 Lim et al

Geomagnetic Charts of Southern Part of Korean Peninsula as of 2010.0

 Love, Gannon

Movie-maps of low-latitude storm-time magnetic disturbance


Missing data and the accuracy of magnetic-observatory hour means

 Menvielle et al

The aa data series revisitedthe Abinger to Hartland normalization
New rms-based planetary geomagnetic activity indices

 Mianmoto et al

Advanced Systems to Monitor Geomagnetic Environments by Japan Meteorological Agency


Application of Realtime Geomagnetic Field Data at World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto

 Park et al

Geomagnetic field measurement and data analysis of the Cheongyang observatory in Korea

 Park, Shifirn

A Proposal for a APMP Key Comparison of a Scalar Quantum Magnetometers in the Geomagnetic Range


A Quasi Absolute Optically Pumped Magnetometer for the Permanent Recording of the Earth¡¯s Magnetic Field Vector


DIflux: Absolute Measurement of the Geomagnetic Field orientation in Space


Studies of Geomagnetic Pulsations Using Magnetometer Data from the Champ Low-Earth-Orbit Satellite and Ground-Based Stations


An Investigation into Techniques for Isolating Noise in Observatory Data


Magnetic Observatory Construction on Permafrost in Alaska

 Yang et al

Vr A New Index to Represent the Regional Geomagnetic Activity

 Yao et al

Ionospheric VLF Electric Field Spectrum Disturbance Before YuShu Earthquake with Ms7.1

¡¡ Poster Presentations

 Geese et al

Gauss Results to the Geomagnetic Automated System

 Gunawan et al

Signature ULF Percursory Padang Earthquake on September 30 2010

 He et al

The Co-seismic Observation of Fluxgate magnetometers during the Wenchuan and Yushu Earthquakes

 Hu et al

Research on Low Noise and Low Drift Fluxgate Magnetometer

 Isac et al

Surlari Observatory¡¯S Data Improvements, 2008-2010

 Ma, Chen

Research on Earthquakes and Ionospheric Anomalies Detected by Ground Gps Observation Data

 Mianmoto et al

A Verification of Magnetometer's Time Accuracy by using a GPS Pulse Generator

 Nahayo et al

An investigation in the use of satellite data to develop a geomagnetic secular variation model over southern Africa

 Rao et al

Retrieval of Data Gaps In 1-Minute Digital Data From Analogue La Cour System At Hyderabad Magnetic Observatory

 Thomas et al

On the reported magnetic precursor of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake
On the reported magnetic precursor of the 1993 Guam earthquake

 Wang, et al

Research on the Distribution of Geomagnetic Daily Variation along Some Station Chains in China

 Wang et al

Study of the practical technology about geomagnetic abnormal phenomenal tracking


The baseline difference between different theodolites

 Zhang, Yang

Discussion on Daily Variation of Baseline Value Recorded by Fluxgate Magnetometer in China

 Zhu et al

Abnormal Analysis of Averaged Midnight F before the Ms 5.1 Chuxiong Earthquake


The Effect on FGE Fluxgate Magnetometer Caused by the Variation Room Humidity


Preliminary Result of DI-flux Inter-comparison.ppt

Preliminary Results of Total Field Magnetometer Comparison.ppt